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He had a bag on his back, but it was mostly empty. Just some food. Everything else- everything else was being left behind. It didn’t matter. It was all about what lay ahead.

He almost danced across the grass, enjoying the sunshine. He was on his way. He didn’t know where, and it didn’t matter. He was leaving, and that was all there was.

A flash of colour in the grass caught his eye and he stopped, a smile on his face. A flower. He stooped and plucked it. The sun caught its yellow petals and shone. The smile spread wider across his face as he held it under his chin. There was nobody to tell him whether he liked butter or not, but the flower knew.

Still holding it in his hand, he danced onwards, holding it up and twirling it between his fingers, watching the yellow glow.

A bark behind him caught his attention and he stopped, one foot in the air, to look behind him. A small black and white dog had appeared, as if from nowhere. It was pointing right at him, trembling from its paws to the tip of its tail. It barked again and he laughed.

“No way,” he said. “I don’t care what you say. I’m not turning back.”

The dog barked again, even as he turned away and stepped off the precipice.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: I love tarot cards. I collect them – I have 31 decks at the moment (I think) – and I thought it would be nice to round off my first full year of daily stories with a series. Starting today, a story for each of the Major Arcana. They may only be loosely linked to the cards, but there will be some kind of link. I hope you enjoy it.)