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She told herself that she didn’t need it, she just wanted it. She knew what it did for her and she wanted that; she wanted to alter the chemistry of her brain.

Was it really such a bad thing?

She paced up and down the room. If she wanted it so much, was she really lying to herself – did she really need it?

No, she told herself, again. She didn’t need it. She just wanted it. It wasn’t an addiction, just a fondness. She was fond of it. Not addicted.

She couldn’t last much longer without it, though.

She put on her boots and hurried down the street. There was a little shop around the corner, and if it was shut then there was a Tesco just opened down the road which would probably be open late.

As it melted in her mouth she could almost feel the endorphins flooding through her brain. She felt happier. Calmer. She smiled as she walked home, the tranquil smile of a woman who didn’t need anything.

Except, of course, the chocolate in her handbag.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: The Three Word Wednesday prompt this week is Alter, Fond and Tranquil. I struggled for a while, partly because I had a slight urge to write something about the Tranquil Mages in Dragon Age, but I like how it turned out!)