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They came before the Queen of the Witches to settle their dispute.

“I want to marry Rock Witch so that I can set his rocks into the night sky as stars,” said Star Witch.

Flora, the Magical Gardener, pushed her aside. “I want to marry Rock Witch so’s that I can build a rock garden with ‘is rocks and my flowers and it’ll be lovely,” she said.

Hill Witch pushed them both aside. “I will marry Rock Witch,” she said, “And use his rocks to build my hills ever higher.”

The Queen and her champion exchanged looks as more witches stepped forward.

“My fish will make pearls for him, they’re like rocks,” said the Witch of Fish.

“I want to marry him and use his rocks for my beds,” said River Witch.

“He’s mine,” said Sculpture Witch, “Together we’ll make wonderful rock sculptures!”

“I need him to give me all his precious stones,” said Jewellery Witch. “He must marry me!”

The Queen had to shout to be heard as the crowd of witches continued to make their claims to Rock Witch’s hand in marriage. “What does Rock Witch think of all this?”

In the corner, Rock Witch grinned and shrugged.

“All these witches want to marry you,” she said to him. “What have you got to say to them?”

He looked around for a moment, baffled by all the attention, before he spoke.

“Got any rocks?”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: With thanks to my friend Mish, who invented the World of Witches in which this event occurs…)