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It took a great deal of preparation and patience.

Collecting the right pieces, for a start. She subscribed to a great many magazines, keeping all the issues carefully in a cardboard box. When the time came, she would sit and go through them all, methodically, until she found precisely the right components.

Then the job really began. She cut them out carefully, and pasted each one into the right place. That was the hardest part, to paste each one into place without leaving any fingerprints on them, or messy glue around the edges. It had to be perfect. Often, she would employ a pair of tweezers to position the pieces.

She took the greatest of care over each one. So much so that you might almost think it a labour of love.

But the glint in her eyes as she worked, the fever that drove her, was not love.

She sat back and assessed her latest work. Twenty two individual pieces, carefully cut out and pasted onto a sheet of plain paper.


She smiled as she folded it once and tucked it inside an envelope.

© Kari Fay