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He sat on the bench and watched the sun sink below the horizon.

A gentle glow painted the clouds; pink, blue and gold. More beautiful than any painting, they shifted in slow motion, a last dance of colour before the darkness of night.

He pulled his jacket tighter around his body as the warmth faded from the day. He thought about all the things he hated about her; the terrible music she listened to, the horrible car that she drove, the excruciating television she liked to watch. He had always teased her about it, and not always gently.

Right now, watching the sunset, he wanted to dance to that awful music. Drive her slow and awkward car. Sit on the sofa and watch bad TV with her.

But she had left.

Now he sat alone, watching a beautiful sunset, with nobody to share it with.

“Should have stayed for the sunset,” he whispered, “If not for me.”

© Kari Fay