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She pushed his office door open with her hip as she knocked, looking down at the files in her arm.

“I wish you would answer your phone occasionally,” she said, “The Director’s just been stood over my desk shouting because she couldn’t get hold of you.”

“Well, do come in,” he said with a grin.

She stopped and looked up. Her eyes widened for the briefest of seconds before she turned on her heel to fix her gaze on something – anything – that wasn’t reflective.

Behind her, she heard his footsteps on the carpet. He stopped a couple of feet behind her.

“What are you looking at?”

She sighed, waving a folder over her shoulder in what she hoped was his general direction. “We have a job to do, Arthur. A jumble sale pickup.”

He took the folder from her. “Ooh, those can get nasty. What is it this time? Some old dear picked up a monkey paw at bargain basement prices? Grandad bought himself a mysterious puzzle box, for only 50p?”

“Worse,” she said. She listened to the sound of turning pages as he flicked through the file.

There was silence for a few moments.

“Dear God,” he whispered. “We’d better get a move on, then.”

He rushed past her, and she closed her eyes with a pained expression.


He stopped and turned to look at her. “What? There’s no time to lose!”

She put her hand over her eyes. She could feel the beginnings of a headache, just starting to throb behind her temples. “Arthur. You’re still naked.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note- I blame Three Word Wednesday for this one – the words were Grin, Jumble and Naked!)