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One piece of paper after another.

Fold. Crease. Fold.

Crumple, throw.

The bin filled up with balls of scrunched up paper.

Another sheet of paper was taken from the stack, and with tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth she tried again. Fold. Crease. Fold.

Crumple, throw.

She pushed her chair away from the table and ran to her bed, throwing herself into it and burying her head in her pillow. Her shoulders shook as she cried. She felt so helpless.

One thousand.

She couldn’t even fold one.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note – I took the title from one of the songs in the #8in8 project (Neil Gaiman, Damien Kulash, Amanda Palmer and Ben Folds, writing and recording 8 songs in 8 hours) who in turn took it from a tweet as described here in Amanda Palmer’s blog. The thousand reference is, of course, to the Thousand Origami Cranes legend.)