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“Good evening Mrs Binks. Is Amy home?”

Mrs Binks sighed heavily. Not taking her eyes off the policemen on her doorstep, she took a deep breath and yelled.


A door slammed, and a petite teenager ran down the stairs in odd socks, striped tights, denim shorts and a scruffy T-shirt. She stopped as her mother opened the door further and she saw the cops.

“Evening ‘Binki’,” the taller cop said. “You’ve been busy again, haven’t you?”

She wrinkled her nose, ruffled her cobalt blue hair and with one hand and looked away. “Who me? Nah. Must be mistaken identity.”

He folded his arms. “The library is decorated with a painting of a giant purple octopus, Amy. Your trademark. A Binki special. Plus, a witness who saw the artist running away described, and I quote, a freaky little girl with blue hair.”

She folded her arms and stared back at him insolently. Her mother lit a cigarette and looked bored.

“The only question I have,” he said calmly, “Is how the hell you painted it thirty foot tall.”

She grinned and put her fingers to her temples. “I did with the power of my mind,” she said sarcastically. “Telekinesis!”

He rolled his eyes. “Fine,” he said, reaching forward to take her by the shoulder. “Don’t tell me. It doesn’t matter anyway. I’m charging you under the Criminal Damage Act. Get your shoes on.”

Reluctantly, she slipped her feet into her trainers and trudged out to the police car with the cops and her mother. It started to rain as she got into the back seat and looked back up at the house.

Nobody else saw her bedroom window swing shut all by itself.

© Kari Fay