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The children were up early, as always. Maddie pacified them with morning cartoons while she set the table for breakfast.

She spread out a nice clean tablecloth, tugging at the corners until it was completely straight. It was a tradition she’d grown up with, having a tablecloth out at holidays. It made the day seem special than if they just had their breakfast in front of the TV like usual.

She put out their bowls and spoons, put the cereal box in the centre and poured the milk into a nice jug. Another ‘special day’ touch. No plastic carton today.

“Jeremy, Frances!”

They ran to the table as soon as she called. They both looked like little angels, dressed in their best ready to go and see their Grandma later, as they did every Easter. She knew that her mother would complain once more that Frances only wore black, but it suited her so well. At least she’d got Jeremy into a proper shirt at last.

Maddie watched approvingly as Frances sat back, letting her little brother get his cereal first. Only when she was sure that he had finished did she reach for the cereal box and the milk jug. He pulled himself up close to the table and held the bowl with one hand, and the spoon in the other. He always ate like he was shovelling coal, and Maddie turned to get a tea towel to put over his front. He was too old for bibs, but he only had one nice shirt.

At that moment, there was a thump on the kitchen window. A large white figure with big black eyes was staring in.

Frances dropped the milk jug as she leapt up from the table, screaming.The jug broke on the table, splashing its contents all over her, the table and the floor. She raced out of the room, still screaming.

Jeremy knocked his cereal bowl towards him, spilling chocolatey cereal and milk all down his front. He clutched at the table, too scared to move, and started crying.

Maddie was shocked. She froze for a moment, then ran forward and flung the window open. The giant rabbit outside took a step backwards, then waved sheepishly.

“You idiot,” she shouted. “You absolute bloody idiot!”

The rabbit put its basket of eggs down and tugged at its head with clumsy paws until it came off. Gasping, Maddie’s husband looked at her with fear in his eyes.

“I thought the kids would like it, Maddie,” he said. “How many kids get a visit from the Easter Bunny!”

Her eyes narrowed. “It’s the freakiest looking rabbit suit I’ve ever seen, Jake. It has the face of a psycho killer. Your kids are going to grow up terrified that the Easter Bunny is going to break in through the window and turn them into eggs or something!”

“No! No, it’ll be fine, I’ll put the head back on and I’ll come in and give them eggs and it’ll be fine,” he said.

“No!” She fixed him with a glare that meant business. “You will take that thing off and go apologise to your children for ruining Easter. Now!”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: Slightly seasonal, I suppose! Somewhat inspired by this Youtube video here.)