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Kelly stared up at the ceiling and tried to breathe slowly. She was sick of lying there awake. She had tried everything she could think of to get back to sleep, from wiggling her toes twelve times to rubbing her tummy. She had run out of imaginary sheep to count. She’d even tried pre-emptive measures, going to bed after a long walk, a hot bath and a glass of warm milk.

Still she lay there, staring at the ceiling, trying to put off looking at the clock.

With a sigh she turned over and looked. 3:33.

She rolled back on to her back and closed her eyes again. Perhaps if she could remember what she had been dreaming about, she could ease herself back into the dream and get back to sleep that way.

It had started with a corridor full of doors. Common enough dream, really, and it probably didn’t mean anything. She frowned as she tried to remember. Where exactly had the moose come from?

She couldn’t remember. Oh well, she thought, so long as there was a moose there it would be close enough. She pictured it at the end of the corridor, just standing there looking at her.

She took a deep, slow breath as her body relaxed. Corridor. Doors. Moose. Had she been flying? She wasn’t sure if she had, but she always liked dreams where she could fly, so why not? She lifted off and flew forward slowly. The corridor extended in that dream sort of way, so the moose stayed ahead of her.

She tried a few doors, but those that opened revealed only more doors behind them.

Frustrated, she flew straight towards the moose. It stared at her, then opened its mouth. Instead of the sort of mooing noise she expected, it beeped at her. Loudly. Insistently.

She sat up and stared at the clock. 7:00, it said. Time to get up.

© Kari Fay