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The accident, luckily, hadn’t hurt anybody. The airship had sunk gently into a field, leaving the crew with only a few bumps and bruises.

Still, the cause had to be found.

There were countless interviews and reports; eyewitness statements were taken and the wreckage was closely examined.

Finally, the investigators believed they were closing in on the culprit.

“Good morning, madam,” they said as the door opened. “We would like to speak to Zachary.”

The woman looked confused. “He’s not in right now,” she said. “Why do you want to speak to him?”

The senior policeman cleared his throat. “We have reason to believe that he was responsible for the accident last Thursday.”


“The zeppelin that came down in the field, madam. We have reports that Zachary was seen repeatedly firing a weapon of some description at it, thus causing it to lose altitude and fall to the ground.”

The woman laughed nervously. “You can’t possibly-”

“We have eye-witnesses, madam. It is quite beyond doubt. Now, we would like to speak to Zachary and we want to search the property for the weapon in question.”

Just then, Zachary ran into view, his school bag thumping against his legs with every step.

“Zap,” he shouted, pointing his toy gun at a neighbour.

“Zap,” he shouted, pointing the fake weapon at a passing cat.

“Zap,” he shouted, jumping over the gate and aiming at the strange men on his doorstep.

“Gentlemen, this is Zachary,” his mother said, “And this is the only ‘weapon’ he possesses.”

The policemen made their excuses and left.

© Kari Fay