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Queenie was out walking when the grass stirred and a little creature ran out.

“Oh my,” she said, crouching down to look. It looked a little like a duck, she thought; its feathers were brown like the lady ducks on the pond. To be fair to Queenie, she didn’t know an awful lot about birds, and tended to assume everything was a duck or a pigeon.

“Hello duck,” she said. “Quack quack quack!”

The bird looked utterly taken aback. It stared at her with a mixture of surprise and confusion.

“Quack quack,” she said again.

“My dear girl,” said the bird, “I do believe you have mistaken me for someone else. I bid you good day.”

Queenie blinked. “What? But… Um. Quack?”

The bird ruffled its feathers in annoyance. “Please, girl, do stop quacking at me as if I were a common duck. I am no such thing.”

Queenie scratched her head. “Well, what are you then? You certainly don’t look like a pigeon!”

“I am a quail,” the bird said.

“Oh,” said Queenie. “And quails don’t quack?”

The quail shook its head solemnly. “We do not.”

“Well, what do you do then?”

The bird looked up at her. “We sing a noble song,” it said. “It goes like this: Wet my lips! Wet my lips!”

Queenie laughed. “Well that’s silly,” she said. “You’re a bird – you don’t have any lips!”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s note: I do realise I forgot to name any recipients for the Creative Genius Blog Award… but there are so many creative writers out there, it’s hard to choose! I’ll name some eventually…)