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Celia was a very spoilt child. For the first few years of her life, she had been given everything she wanted; the prettiest dresses, the loveliest dolls and the best toys.

Then, her mother sat down with her to tell her some wonderful news; she was to have a little brother.

Celia was not happy.

Suddenly, her parents were giving all of their time and attention to the new baby. They bought him new toys and dressed him in brand new clothes; and as he grew older it only got worse.

“Mama! Duncan’s taken my boo-bear!”

“Well you should let your brother play with your toys. It’s nice to share.”

“But he’s chewing on his ear, he’s drooling all over my boo-bear!”

“Aren’t you too old for that old teddy anyway? Let your little brother have him.”

It wasn’t just the bear. Duncan drooled all over Celia’s favourite blanket, broke the horse her favourite princess doll rode upon, broke half of her tea set and drew all over her doll house.

Finally, she had had enough. She made a plan.

She watched Mama sit Duncan down in front of a big sheet of paper with his box of crayons. He was too young to actually draw anything, but he liked to scribble on the paper.

“You stay there, my love,” she said, “Mama will be right back.”

Celia had to act quickly. She reached up and knocked the crayons off the table, watching them roll onto Mama’s new white rug. As Duncan’s face creased up ready to start crying, she held her arms out to him.

“Don’t worry,  Duncan,” she said. “I’ll take you to your crayons.”

She picked him up off the chair and put him down on the rug in front of the crayons. With a smile, she put one crayon in her brother’s pudgy little hand and crushed the rest into the rug.

She took a handkerchief out of her pocket and carefully wiped her hands clean before taking a deep breath.

“Mama! Mama! Duncan’s made a mess on your rug!”

© Kari Fay

C is for Celia who Crushed all the CrayonsA