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My true love game to me…. four Colly Birds

“Look at them. Squabbling again.”

He glanced over and shrugged. “It’s in their nature.”

She shook her head. “But there’s plenty for all of them. Why can’t they just share and get along?”

He got up and walked over to stand beside her, his arms around her shoulders. “There really is no room for selfishness in your world, is there?”

She turned her head to kiss his cheek. “I wish there was no room for selfishness in anyone’s world.”

He gave her a squeeze. “You take everything so seriously. They’re only birds, after all.”

She looked out of the window again at the new bird table he had given her, and the four blackbirds fighting over the seeds and scraps she had put out.

“Only birds,” she said.

She turned to look at the television. Although muted, the news being reported was clear; scenes of battle as men fought over land and religion.

“Only birds,” she repeated with a sigh.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: Although some versions of “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” have the line as “four calling birds”, it was probably originally Colly Birds, meaning birds as black as coal- blackbirds. My dad’s birdtable attracts some particularly riotous blackbirds at times, inspiring this story.)