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The teacher was already in the classroom when Cala arrived.

“Ah,” she said, standing up from her desk. The students rose to their feet in perfect unison. “You must be the new girl.”

“Um, yeah,” said Cala, looking around a little nervously. “Cala Winter. I uh, I got a little lost on the way.”

The teacher seemed to grow even taller as she walked towards Cala, looking down her nose in an intimidating manner. “Lost, you say? Well, you had better make up the time by being worth my while. What do you know of the subject?”

Cala took a deep breath and tried to relax. She didn’t want to sound boastful in front of her new classmates, so she decided to play it cool.

“I’ve dabbled in the mystic arts,” she said.

“Dabbled? Dabbled?” The teacher’s eyes widened in a disturbing way, the whites showing all the way around her purple irises. “One does not dabble in the Mystic Arts, child! They are to be taken seriously! Most seriously indeed.”

She turned upon her heel and stalked back to lean on her desk as if she were feeling faint.

“I suppose by ‘dabble’ you mean that you have played with tarot cards and ouija boards, and you believe this makes you a suitable candidate for wizardry,” the teacher said wearily. The class shuffled their feet, quiet whispers and giggles passing among them.

Cala bristled. “No, madam,” she said in a hard voice. “When I say ‘dabble’ I mean I have learned the hard way, with no tutors but those I conjured myself.”

The room fell silent.

“Would you like to meet my tutor, madam?”

The teacher raised an eyebrow but said nothing. Cala decided to take this as permission. She could feel the entire class watching her as she opened her mouth to utter the commands that would bring her friend to her.

“Estimia, merath pak’haranae! Kierettia bestreq!”

A miniature blizzard filled the air, obscuring Cala from view for a moment before the snow settled in drifts around her feet. Behind her stood a giant frosty figure which bore a slight resemblance to a woman; assuming said woman was nearly ten feet tall and built like a stone outhouse.

“Kierettia,” Cala said with a smile. “This is my new teacher of the Mystic Arts. Why don’t you say hello?”

The teacher stared. “That’s a- a-”

Cala nodded as Kierettia growled behind her. “Yes, she is a Frost Giant. Please, madam, it’s rude to stare.”

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note- Today’s Three Word Wednesday words are “Dabble, Lean, Utter”, so I bring you a mystical tale with a little wintry touch to make it suitable for the season.)