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Caitlin had always been late for everything.

She was late for work, late for appointments, late for meetings, late for dates. When she was a child, she was late for school, late for clubs and school discos, late for her own birthday parties.

Her mother joked that she had been born late, and had been late ever since.

On her wedding day, they joked again about her lack of punctuality as they waited in the church for her to arrive. The whispers gradually turned to mutters, and the mutters turned to outright uproar.

For Caitlin, the curse had turned into a blessing. By the time anybody realised that she wasn’t going to walk down the aisle, she was a long way away.

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: I slept in and then belatedly realised I had no story pre-scheduled for today, so I took the late theme for a slightly late and very short story.)