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April scrubbed the counter top as if she was trying to rub straight through it. From beneath her fringe she glared across the room at Miranda. Stupid, blonde Miranda, with her stupid low cut top and her stupid big ass and her stupid flirty-

She beamed a big smile across the room as their manager walked in.

“Are you girls okay to lock up while I cash up?”

“Sure, Mister Franklin,” Miranda said, leaning on the back of a chair so that her cleavage stuck out.

Sure Mister Franklin, April thought, Look at her, sucking up to him, showing off her boobs. Slapper. She’s only been here a week. I know how she got the job.

She turned away quickly, looking around for something to do before settling on cleaning the espresso machine.

“You can help yourselves to a milkshake before you go if you like,” he said as he took the cash drawer out of the till. “You’ve both worked really hard today.”

April turned and gave him a genuine smile. “Thank you,” she said. She watched him go upstairs to his office and her smile turned hard as she slipped one hand into her pocket.

Miranda finished stacking the chairs on the tables, took her apron off and slung it across the counter. “A milkshake does sound really good right now,” she said.

April forced herself to smile. “I’ll get them. How about raspberry? Did you make much in tips today?”

Miranda grinned. “Raspberry sounds great, thanks. I got a twenty from that guy in the expensive suit. All told, I think it’s maybe fifty, sixty. I can get those new shoes I had my eye on. How about you?”

April turned to make the milkshakes, swearing under her breath. That bitch got a twenty from one guy? I’m lucky if I’ve even got a tenner. I’ll teach her…”

“Oh, you know. About the same.”

The raspberry milkshake mix was blue; perfect for disguising the antifreeze April slipped in from a vial in her pocket.

She stuck two straws in the milkshake and passed it to Miranda with a smile.

Suck it down, bitch.

There could only be one pretty waitress working here.

© Kari Fay