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He was waiting in the queue at the chip shop when he saw her. He watched through the window as she walked past, all dressed in red, her hips swaying seductively above long legs and red high heels. He thought about those hips and those legs even after they left his sight.

Abruptly, he was broken out of his reverie by the greasy young bloke behind the counter.

“Sorry, mate, we just ran out of chips. We’ve put some more in, but it’ll be a bit of a wait?”

He shook his head and pushed his money back into his pocket. He wasn’t hungry for a chip dinner any more, anyway.

“Never mind,” he muttered as he pushed past the queue and left the shop.

She was still in sight. She was walking straight along Park Road. Even at this distance, he could see her hips swaying in that tight red dress. He bit his lip, then hurried along the road after her. He was going this way anyway.

She was walking slowly. Unsurprising, considering the height of those heels. Delicate stiletto heels, tapered to a point in just the same way as her legs. Beautiful, but not practical for walking. They were bedroom shoes.

He drew closer to her. She was just a few yards ahead of him now. He slowed his pace so he could stay behind her, watching those hips sway over those beautiful long legs and those delicate heels. He imagined those heels on his bedroom floor; imagined those legs sprawled across his bed; imagined those hips beneath his.

She turned left, into the park itself. By the time he reached the gate she was out of sight, hidden behind the thick bushes and trees that didn’t quite muffle the click-click of her heels. He paused there for a moment before pulling his hood over his head and following her in.

© Kari Fay