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“Do you really need all that stuff?”

He leaned against the wall and folded his arms as he watched her pack. She glared at him over her open case.

“Yes. I do really need all this ‘stuff’, and if you listened to me once in a while you might know why. I don’t suppose you even looked at your list, did you?”

He rolled his eyes. She always gave him lists of things to pack. He hated that. He preferred to just grab what he wanted and go.

“Yes, I did actually look at the list.” He tried to keep a straight face, even though he knew she’d see right through him. It was true, though. He had looked at the list before he’d thrown it in the fire.

She stopped packing and gave him a hard look. “Did you pack what was on it?”

He shrugged.

She took a deep breath and looked at him for a moment, then turned to a stack of things that she’d put to one side and started packing them. Just as he thought. She always packed everything she’d told him to pack, so why should he bother in the first place?

She closed the case and picked it up.

“Okay, let’s go,” she said. “We can go over the plan in the car.”

He held up the car keys. “I’m driving,” he said. At least that way he had a reason to zone her out; he’d have to concentrate on the road.

His bag was already in the car. He had ignored her list, and just packed what he considered essential. Three handguns, two semi-automatic rifles, two shotguns, ammo for the lot and a decent amount of plastic explosive.

He smiled to himself as he settled down in the driving seat. Who needs a complicated plan when you’ve got moar dakka?

© Kari Fay

(Author’s Note: Today’s Sunday Scribblings prompt is “Essential”. Quite why that made me think of “moar dakka” I don’t know…)