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*beep* -der what this button- oh. “Recording log entry.” I guess that makes sense.

Well. Um. My name is Maruka. I was on the Liberator, travelling out to be a colonist on Hawkings Three. We woke up early under emergency circumstances. Most of us, anyway. Three of the cryo-banks just didn’t open. They were awake in there, we just… We couldn’t get them out. We… we left them there. Eventually they stopped screaming.

I don’t know what happened to the crew. When we woke up it was just us. The Liberator was just empty. We tried to run it ourselves but, well, we were all farmers. Agriculturalists, a couple of builders. Not navigators or ship’s engineers. We didn’t even know where we were, let alone where we were going.

Then the computer told us that the engines were broken, that it was going to explode. It told us to abandon ship. There was no shuttle, I guess the crew must have taken that, so we got in these little escape pods. They take two people each, but there were fifteen of us and I got the short straw.

I’m alone now, drifting in space.

And I can still see the Liberator. In one piece.

© Kari Fay