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“Where are they?”

He had run all around the house, checked every room looking for them, and he was starting to worry.

“Out,” she replied, gazing out of the window.

“Out? Out where? Out for how long? They are coming back, aren’t they?”

She turned to look at him with her big green eyes. As always, she had to wonder if he was serious.

“How would I know where they went,” she said slowly and deliberately. “They never take ME anywhere.”

He didn’t notice her tone of voice. He probably hadn’t even realised that he went out with them more than she did, and now of course he had stopped listening to her.

He ran into the kitchen, hoping to find some food most likely. He would eat all day if he was allowed to. She turned back to the window. It was a nice day, she thought. It would be a shame to stay inside all day.

She left the sitting room and sauntered through the kitchen.

“Hey, hey, where are you going,” he asked as she passed, bouncing after her.

“Out,” she said.

She strolled out through the cat flap, leaving the dog inside to chase his own tail.

© Kari Fay