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Author’s Note- In my free time (when I’m not writing) I can often be found playing the MMORPG ‘City of Heroes’. Yesterday, they released their latest expansion, ‘Going Rogue’, and to celebrate I present to you the backstory to my latest character, inspired by the song Röter Sand by my favourite band Rammstein.

He loved me and I loved him. Life was perfect then, so simple, so safe. He made a promise to me, just one promise. He said that wherever he went, he would always come home to me.

He made only one promise but it was a promise he was to break.

He loved me and I loved him, but there was another man. A Loyalist, a man with connections to the highest of high society. He wanted me, and my father wanted him to have me. I was helpless.

My love wrote to me. He told me that he was going to meet the Loyalist on the beach at dawn, that he would save me and that he would come home to me. My brave Resistance boy.

I arrived – too late – as two shots rang out. Blood stained the sand as my love fell.

As I wept over his body, I took the gun from his lifeless fingers and slipped it inside my dress. It was still hot from his wayward shot and it burned my skin.

The Loyalist dragged me away. He made plans to marry me that very night. I made plans of my own.

After the hurried ceremony I got him drunk. I pretended to be a happy bride, told him I was happy that we were finally alone together. That last part at least was true. As I undressed him I had my chance. I took his gun, the gun that had killed my love that morning, and I shot his manhood away. Then I took my lover’s gun, the gun that almost saved me from this, and I shot him dead.

I cut my hair, I hid my face, and I ran. I found friends with the Resistance. They gave me a new name, and now I fight beside them against society, against the Loyalists, against the Emperor.

I am Red Sand, forever stained with blood.

© Kari Fay