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Two adventurers stood at the edge of a rocky precipice and assessed their next move. A grand bridge had once spanned this cavern, but that was long, long ago. Great chunks of it now lay beneath the hot lava that boiled and belched below them.

“We have to get across to the other side,” said one, a young boy with a sword in his hand.

His female companion nodded, looking a little nervous. “We’ll have to be careful though,” she said, “One touch of that lava and we’ll be dead.”

“As a doornail,” said the boy, impassively. “The breaks in the bridge are too wide, we’ll have to find a way around.”

He went first, edging along the precipice towards an overhang. Sticking his sword securely into his belt, he reached up and grabbed hold. He swung along the overhang by his fingertips until he reached the ledge at the other side.

“Come on,” he called to his sister. “You can make it!”

She swung out, dangling by her fingertips above the deadly lava. Inch by inch, she edged along towards her brother. Suddenly, her fingers slipped. She dangled by one hand, hanging precariously above the lava.

“Take my hand!” Her brother reached out desperately. “You can do it!”

She reached out, stretching with all her might to grasp her brother’s fingers.

“Just a little further!”

With a swing, she grabbed her brother’s wrist and he pulled her to safety, her foot just a few inches from the lava.

“That was close!”

Her brother hugged her. “Don’t do that again.”

She shrugged him off. “Look,” she said, pointing. “It’s not far now.”

They ran together along the ledge. A gap separated them from the vast archway that led out of the deadly cavern. One leap and they would be free.

The boy took a deep breath and braced himself for his jump to success. He was just about to fling himself forward when a giant monster appeared in the doorway, roaring in a voice that made them tremble in terror.

“Jeremy! Alice! How many times have I told you not to climb on the furniture!”

© Kari Fay