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There’s a big black dog in the churchyard!

He stood by the churchyard gate, listening to the rustling of leaves in the breeze. It was a moonless night, and the street lights on the road beyond fell in golden pools in the darkness.

A big black dog that stalks your path if you should be so foolhardy as to walk there at night.

Footsteps in the distance. Some brave soul was walking down the church road in the dark of night. This was a rarity. The tales of Black Shuck were enough to keep most people away.

A big black dog that would tear out your heart if you should face it.

The approaching figure stopped in a pool of light and leaned on the lamp post, drinking deeply from a bottle held in one hand before dropping it casually. The sound of breaking glass rattled through the night and the leaves rustled in the breeze as if in indignation. Still standing by the churchyard gate, hidden in the shadows, he watched the drunk push himself away from the lamp post and stagger unevenly towards him.

A big black dog with eyes of red, and if you see him you’ll surely be dead.

He pushed open the churchyard gate and walked slowly out into the road. The drunk stopped and stared at him. For a moment they stood there, man and dog, looking at each other. Then the man, suddenly sobered by fear, turned and ran.

A big black dog that is the devil himself.

© Kari Fay